I'd like to keep with part of last week's On Music theme and get back to talking about Rossini's The Barber of Seville and Chuck Jones because there is, of course, much more to explore.

michigan.jpgIn Jones' 1955 masterpiece, "One Froggy Evening," squashed in with all the great Tin Pan Alley tunes (Hello! ma baby, Hello! ma honey, Hello! ma ragtime gal"¦) (more on those next week), Jones once again turns to Rossini's Barber for inspiration. This time it's the baritone aria "Largo al factotum."

Let's listen:

hampson.jpgThe aria, "Largo al factotum," (which in Italian means "Make way for the factotum") is the first time the baritone playing the role of the factotum enters the opera. (In case you're wondering: a factotum is sort of like a gofer meets a secretary—in other words, a do-everything-assistant.)

Let's listen to the actual aria now:


Be sure to toon in next week for Part II of my "One Froggy Evening" discussion.