Picture 1_2.jpgWe've been generous with the Halloween posts this year: Ten Epic Costumes, DIY Decorations, Gruesome Party Food, and plenty of Sweet Talk. So let's keep that theme going with today's installment in our Friday series. Tell us about your greatest costumes "“ the most elaborate, the most unusual, the most universally enjoyed.

Costumes I remember: Big Bird (Halloween, 1981 ====>), a Honker, a mummy, Hulk Hogan, and "“ during my beefy period "“ The Skipper, which only made sense standing next to my First Mate Gilligan. Separated, I was just a dude in a blue shirt and goofy hat.

And as a follow-up, we'll take any stories you've got about trick-or-treaters. I just found this short recap of my Halloween from a couple years back:

The Suburban Halloween Report
November 1, 2005
I was only home for three trick-or-treat rings of my doorbell last night, but each fascinated me.

1. At 8:02 PM, a "kid" stopped by, alone, wearing a cape. He was pushing 20. Despite having my permission to "grab a handful," this crusader took just one bag of Sour Patch Kids and, at my urging, a Tootsie Pop.

2. At 8:45 PM, I had my second visitor: a middle-schooler wearing a red t-shirt with the words "Skittles Candy" lazily ironed on. Even if executed brilliantly, this was a crappy costume. She was half-assing Halloween in every respect. Never even said trick-or-treat. To be fair, she couldn't say anything to me, since she was talking on her cell phone. She took one Butterfinger. I did not offer her more.

3. Finally, at 9:37 PM, a group of four tweens dropped in. I have no idea what they were supposed to be; they looked like remnants of a more elaborate group costume. Perhaps other members of this group -- members whose roles were essential -- weren't allowed to stay out past 9:30 on a school night. They sensed Halloween's end was near and shamelessly horded my remaining candy.

Let's do this again next year.