Friday Happy Hour: Halloween Edition

Jason English
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Costumes I remember: Big Bird (Halloween, 1981 ====>), a Honker, a mummy, Hulk Hogan, and "“ during my beefy period "“ The Skipper, which only made sense standing next to my First Mate Gilligan. Separated, I was just a dude in a blue shirt and goofy hat.

And as a follow-up, we'll take any stories you've got about trick-or-treaters. I just found this short recap of my Halloween from a couple years back:

The Suburban Halloween ReportNovember 1, 2005 I was only home for three trick-or-treat rings of my doorbell last night, but each fascinated me. 1. At 8:02 PM, a "kid" stopped by, alone, wearing a cape. He was pushing 20. Despite having my permission to "grab a handful," this crusader took just one bag of Sour Patch Kids and, at my urging, a Tootsie Pop. 2. At 8:45 PM, I had my second visitor: a middle-schooler wearing a red t-shirt with the words "Skittles Candy" lazily ironed on. Even if executed brilliantly, this was a crappy costume. She was half-assing Halloween in every respect. Never even said trick-or-treat. To be fair, she couldn't say anything to me, since she was talking on her cell phone. She took one Butterfinger. I did not offer her more. 3. Finally, at 9:37 PM, a group of four tweens dropped in. I have no idea what they were supposed to be; they looked like remnants of a more elaborate group costume. Perhaps other members of this group -- members whose roles were essential -- weren't allowed to stay out past 9:30 on a school night. They sensed Halloween's end was near and shamelessly horded my remaining candy. Let's do this again next year.