Caption Contest #2

David K. Israel

In case you didn't see it, we're back with another caption contest! Thanks to all who entered our first round a couple weeks ago and to all those who took the time to vote. Today's cartoon doesn't feature any of your favorite bloggers (at least I hope it doesn't), rather, a couple of swine illustrated by the very talented Jessica Schiffman.

To repeat the rules from last time, the idea here is quite simple: Your job is to come up with a gag. Make us smile, make us laugh, extra-points for those who are able to drop some interesting fact or trivia along the way.

We'll narrow down the entries to our favorites and then let YOU guys pick one winner. The only difference this time around is this: when dropping your gag in the comments, also let us know which t-shirt you prefer in case your caption is selected the winner. (T-shirts can be found over in our store.)

As another famous pig liked to say, "That's all folks!" May the best gag win. [The contest will stay open through the weekend. Look for finalist results early next week!]

click cartoon to enlarge