Weekend Genius Challenge #4 winners


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our latest weekend batch of Skewed Clues. While no one got all fifteen answers correct, we did determine two winners: Jaymeson, who was the first to be missing only one correct answer, and Matt, who was the first to get the one answer Jaymeson (and most others) didn't get.

If you haven't tried the game, click the link above to give it a go. To see the answers...

1. No one wins or loses?
Thailand (tie-land)

2. Sick of ladies' undergarments?
Brazil (bras-ill)

3. Where the dead live?
Zambia (zombie-a) Haiti is too literal; Netherlands is very close.

4. Land of carry-outs?
Togo (to-go)

5. Where you can hold your head up?
Argentina (argent-ina) For the band Argent who had a hit with "Hold Your Head Up." Ukraine was close enough, though.

6. It's not easy being here?
Greenland (green-land) Though Cape Verde was a clever secondary.

7. It's the word?
Greece (grease) From the song "Grease."

8. "e," but without the "L"?
Italy (ittle-e) Little "e" - "L" = "ittle e," or Italy.

9. Home of Alfalfa?
Switzerland (switzer-land) Alfalfa's real name was Carl Switzer.

10. Al's not Down Under?
Austria (austr-ia) If you remove the letters "al" from Australia.

11. A great place to hang?
Chad (chad) You haven't forgotten hanging chads, have you?

12. With or without the Sun God?
Andorra (and/or-ra) Ra is the Sun God.

13. We are the Third Power?
Cuba (cube-a) A number cubed is a number to its third power.

14. Three Strikes?
Turkey (turkey) In bowling, three strikes in a row is called a turkey.

15. Sheep, laughs, and mothers?
Bahamas (baa-ha-mas) Sorry about this one, really.

Thanks again! Winners, I'll drop you an email.