The Daily Show's Online Video Archive

Chris Higgins

The Daily Show has recently opened its video archives with over 16,000 clips, all nicely tagged and searchable. The archive currently contains clips going back to 1999 (sorry, Craig Kilborn fans), but the most important part is the timeline search interface. Using a clever three-level timeline (year, month, and day), you can quickly browse through the archive to find clips by day. Go ahead, look up your birthday. Or look up Jon Stewart's famous post-September 11 monologue (the show returned to the air on September 20, 2001). More clips are promised in the coming years, but for now 16,000 will just have to do.

This web site promises to waste hours -- nay, days -- of my life. But pure joy from fake news video clips ever a waste? I think not.

Here are some best bets:

All appearances by Resident Expert John Hodgman, 681 Stephen Colbert clips, This Week in God (includes many segments after Colbert left), and David Cross.