Sweet Talk: The Big Day

Stacy Conradt

For the past week, I've been offering up trivia treats about sweets you're likely to encounter on Halloween. Our last featured candy is Sixlets, with lots of links below. Happy Halloween, everybody!

sixlets_bulk_candy1.jpg /

2) The center of the candy is made from a mixture of carob and chocolate, which gives them that distinct malted flavor.

3) Special edition dark chocolate Sixlets have recently been released.

4) The Sixlets mascot is a glasses-wearing caterpillar with body segments that look suspiciously like Sixlets. So he's (she's?) basically encouraging consumers to eat him.

5) If you're wondering why they are called Sixlets, be prepared for disappointment. While there are several theories, including that they used to be sold in tubes of six candies for a penny, there doesn't seem to be a concrete explanation offered anywhere.

6) Hershey owned the Sixlets brand until 2003, when it was bought by the Canadian company SweetWorks.

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