Second Caption Contest Finalists!


[For those who haven't voted yet, there's still time!]

Thanks to every one who came up with captions for our Second Caption Contest. We had close to 200 entries this time, which makes narrowing it down to a few finalists pretty challenging. So instead of 6, we're going with 10 this time.

Now the fun really begins: it's up to YOU to pick the winner. As with last time, each finalist is labeled with a letter. All you have to do is decide which is the best (whatever your definition of "best" is), and drop your ballot in the comments below.

Remember: only one vote per person. We don't expect any hanky-panky, but I thought I'd remind you just in case you think we're not watching.

And the finalists are"¦

a) Brent entered: "And I thought all that evolution stuff was hogwash!" b) Lisa H entered: "Alright Wilbur I will agree this is Neat, but I'm still against animal experimentation as a whole." c) Casey entered: "Hey Wilbur, we're a regular pair of pork choppers!" d) Christina entered: "No, not stressed but just a little wound up and not feeling grounded." e) Erm entered: "What do you MEAN they told you these propellers will fail when pigs fly?!" f) Sherry entered: "So I was watching President Colbert's State of the Union address last night "¦" g) Andrew entered: "And he says to me he says, "˜when hell freezes over!'" h) Lorna entered: "Gives a whole new meaning to "swine flu", doesn't it? i) Allan entered: "Okay"¦I didn't mind playing second fiddle to Charlotte, and I didn't complain when those singing mice upstaged me in Babe"¦ But Aporkalypse Now?!?! My agent's gonna hear about this!" j) Charlene entered: "Next time, those scientists need guinea pigs for these experiments."

And remember, you can always click on the cartoon if you want to enlarge the image. We'll leave the voting open through the weekend and roll out the winner next week.