It's not runes, it's just: Fun with Dictionaries


THE BOOKSTORE: (well, you don't have to buy them unless you lose or destroy them) Los Angeles Central Public Library, Downtown LA

THE DICTIONARY: Webster's New International Dictionary, 3rd Edition, 1976

THE WORD: "consigliere"

Now, obviously there are other, more frequently employed synonyms for adviser, but this one is just way more fun in that it generally evokes organized crime (think Robert Duvall's turn as Tom Hagen in The Godfather). Consiglieres are not usually in the bloodline, nor are they just glorified civilians--they've definitely proven their worth and can pull their weight--but as it goes their word is usually just one in a peanut gallery of other pundits; however, they usually end up being at least second or third in line should something befall the Don (or, to drag it back through medieval times, the king). Anyone have a favorite underrated consigliere throughout history, pop culture, or personal encounters?