In the Beginning: The Wait is Over!

Mangesh Hattikudur

That's right, mental_floss' newest book In the Beginning is finally out, and it's available right here. In fact, we've got a limited number of signed copies for you early buyers. And for anyone who's curious about what's inside (it covers the origins of everything from Big Hair to the Big Bang) just click below to read some excerpts. Enjoy!
How some famous Magazines (and Newspapers) got their start

The Origin of the Thesaurus

How the Red Carpet got its Color

The Awful Singer behind Karaoke

Religious Sites (and the blessed stories behind them)

Why the French Kiss has nothing to do with France

The birth of the Vacuum Cleaner

The Strange Delicacy that is SPAM

The story of the Roller Coaster (you need to be this tall to read it)