It's not runes, it's just: Fun with Dictionaries


THE BOOKSTORE: ok, it's really just my bedroom bookshelf
THE DICTIONARY: Oxford Pocket American Dictionary
THE WORD: "diaspora"

How timely...Just today I was reading an Adam Gopnik essay about when the Jewish Museum invited him to be the Purimspieler, and how in his angst over what to expound on he visits a rabbi who says the Book of Esther is "'the comic book, a book for court Jews, with a fairy-tale, burlesque spirit.'" Gopnik reels: "I was stunned. This was, as they say, the story of my life. A funny book about court Jews...I had been assigned to burlesque it when the text was preburlesqued, as jeans might be preshrunk." Oh, that Gopnik!

Whether we interpret the condition of diaspora based on its original definition, or whether we extend it to encompass modern circumstances--whether pandemic (e.g. natural disaster, seeking asylum) or endemic (e.g. family strife, had to get out of the city)--do you consider yourself to be living in diaspora?