You guys seemed to like the punny names post so much, I thought I'd bring "˜em back by looking at store names with sometimes creative, yet all too often corny titles. Over the years, I've really seen some lulus. For instance, I recall taking my shirts and pants to a seamstress on the Upper West Side in NYC back in the early 90s who called her place Sew What? Then there was the lobster shack in Maine near my uncle's camp called Lobster Tales. I also recall a little baked-goods place near Trinity College in Hartford called Muffin' Fancy. I heard they later changed their name to Waiting for Godough to Rise. (Kidding with that last one, actually"¦)

company1.jpgBut my favorite punny store names are those that work a little Shakespeare into the mix. For instance, there used to be a store that sold brass instruments in Moorestown, NJ called Tuba or Not Tuba. And here in L.A., we have the wonderfully original The Merchant of Tennis, which I believe started in Toronto and is now a chain.
What about you all? Certainly each and every one of you loyal Wrap readers have driven through a town (or grew up in one) with a punny shop name worth sharing.