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Friday Happy Hour: November Buffet

Jason English

For today's edition of our Friday Happy Hour series, I've set up several stations for you to choose from. Answer only what you wish.

1. I've talked before about my desire to open a pet-naming consultancy. Let's say you've been hired by a wealthy family to name their new dog. You will be paid $10,000 for your services, under one condition. The family will introduce the dog to one random person on the street, and whatever name you select must be greeted with some form of this sentiment: "I've never heard that name for a dog before!"

What name do you choose?

2. What would you title your autobiography if selling a million copies earned you $5 million (and anything less meant losing a toe)?

3. What non-politician would you like to see run for office?

4. Earlier this week, we re-posted a mental_floss magazine article on Four Terrifying Theories in Astronomy. What other subjects would you be interested in reading terrifying theories about?

5. Last year, we discussed famous (and infamous) fans in a post named Spectacular Stories of Storied Spectators. What's the worst thing you've ever seen a fellow fan do? Answers can come from any level -- youth soccer or high school tennis, Major League Baseball or the Olympics -- and pertain to eating habits, crass jeers, or anything else you feel fits the "awful fan" category.