Weekend Genius Challenge #5: More of Four



NOTE: This weekend challenge has been completed. If you'd like to guess the clues just for fun, go ahead, then see here for the answers and the name of this weekend's winner.Â

This week, you'll have to decipher some clues to win a T-shirt... more specifically, they're words, phrases or names that contain only four unique letters. Each of the answers to the clues below is at least eight letters long, but each answer contains only four unique letters. An example? The song title "Remember Me" is nine letters long, but only contains four different letters (B, E, R, M). Ready? Here we go:

1. Cindy Brady's one? 2. Cindy & Bobby's record? 3. Like The Commodores? 4. Like a "wife-beater"? 5. Stupidity? 6. Slum building? 7. "The Big Cat"? 8. Mighty river? 9. Kayser-Roth brand? 10. Costs 50 cents, usually? 11. Armed ________? 12. Often fooled by white paint? 13. Cars' last? 14. O.J. non-book 15. Tobasco veggie?

When you've figured them all out (or think you have), leave a comment to this post with your 15 numbered answers. You only get one shot, so be careful. The first with all correct (or the one with the most correct by Monday) will win a T-shirt!

FOUR IMPORTANT NOTES: One entry per player. At the end of your post, list which T-shirt you want from the store (you can browse all of our punny shirts by clicking this link). Comments are moderated, so they won't show up until we release them. The correct answers (and the winner's name) will be revealed first thing Monday morning. Due to the "esoteric" nature of this puzzle, your answers must match ours to win the prize, even if you have an alternate answer you think is valid. That said, if you've got a really hilarious and plausible answer that doesn't match ours, you just might get a shirt out of that too.

Good luck!