The Sunday Question: Where Do Your Favorite Sites Rank?


Of all the websites in the universe, this one ranks #26,223. I pictured us closer to #8,422.

We'll get there.

And because I've installed the Alexa Toolbar, I'll know exactly when we do.

Alexa tells me how popular the site I'm looking at happens to be. Here are the rankings of a few places I've recently visited:

lesko.jpg /

"¢ #1,030: Bios for everyone on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

"¢ #4,147,488: A hilarious look at brutally honest taglines.

"¢ #74,381: Dave Jamieson's 2003 cover story on Matthew Lesko, the man in the question mark suit.

"¢ #5,533,533: A testy 2000 exchange between Dave Eggers and a writer for the Harvard Advocate.

Here are the top ten sites are in Alexa's Global 500: Yahoo, Google, YouTube, MSN,, MySpace, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Orkut.

This brings us to the Sunday Question: where do your favorite sites rank? You can either install the Alexa Toolbar (or Firefox extension) and tell us, or simply suggest sites about which you're curious.

And here are some recent mental_floss posts that contributed to our #26,223 ranking:

"¢ Essential Frankenstein Facts (Part I and Part II)
"¢ 14 Stories You May Not Know About Robert F. Kennedy
"¢ The Moon Disaster That Never Happened
"¢ Five Unwanted Cases of TV Fame
"¢ Five Famous Felines
"¢ Six Phantom Phenomena
"¢ The Seven Habits of Highly Infectious People
"¢ Eight Wacky Action Figures
"¢ Fun with Dictionaries
"¢ Lots of candy trivia
"¢ And lots and lots of new quizzes