Weekend Genius Challenge #5 winners


Our More of Four weekend genius challenge garnered some interesting responses, some of which were as correct as the ones we'd come up with, so we gave away T-shirts to the first two who offered answers matching the ones below. Congratulations to James and Mike (we'll drop you an email soon with instructions to collect your prizes).

If you haven't tried the game, click the link above to give it a go. To see the answers...

1. Cindy Brady's one?
"a tattle-tale"

2. Cindy & Bobby's record?
"teeter-totter" (The two tried to break the all-time record for teetering and tottering.)

3. Like The Commodores?
"all-Alabama" or "Too Hot To Trot" (The band formed in Alabama, and while the song's title is really "Too Hot Ta Trot," it was certainly close enough.)

4. Like a "wife-beater"?
"sleeveless" (That style of shirt is often called a "wife-beater.")

5. Stupidity?
"denseness," "senseless" or "senselessness"

6. Slum building?

7. "The Big Cat"?
Galarraga (Andres Galarraga, baseball slugger known as "The Big Cat.")

8. Mighty river?

9. Kayser-Roth brand?
"No Nonsense" (Kayser-Roth makes No Nonsense pantyhose.)

10. Costs 50 cents, usually?
"a local call"

11. Armed ________?
"to the teeth"

12. Often fooled by white paint?
"Pepe Le Pew"

13. Cars' last?
"Door to Door" (The final album by The Cars was titled Door to Door.)

14. O.J. non-book
"If I Did It"

15. Tobasco veggie?
"red pepper"

Thanks to all who played! Another Weekend Genius Challenge coming this weekend!