Strike gets real, and new office digs=picket line


The WGA is officially on strike, but this doesn't mean a surfeit of brunching scribes playing with their Webkinz or perusing Fantasy Football matchups. For WGA members, the strike means 4 hrs/day of picketing:

"I've heard that a couple of people are greeting the news that their presence is required on the picket line with the very human and yet disappointing, 'Cool... So, um, what happens if we don't show up?'" a WGA email said. "So be aware: Failure to picket is a violation of Strike Rule 10, which says: 'You must picket and/or perform other strike support duties and cooperate with Guild committees charged with enforcement of the Strike Rules...' Absent a valid medical excuse, non-writing employment, compelling personal circumstances [necessary child or elder care] or emergency, you are obligated to perform these duties when and where requested. If there is a personal circumstance making strike support duties impossible when requested, members are required to arrange alternate times to contribute to the strike effort...' Basically, failing to picket is a punishable offense. (via Nikki Finke)

I'm not sure how strong of a presence the WGA has on Second Life, but maybe they could take a cue from IBM Italy workers, who sent their avatars--and others from around the world, totaling 2,000--to strike for them in September.

One protester reports:

Well I don't know what miracle happened, but my avatar got a real staff meeting! They were discussing the corporate website's new functionalities, it seems. So since I managed to get in, why not call some of my protester friends? Minutes later, some 20 participants and staff teleported to literally crash the meeting. We had people saying slogans, some beeping sounds, horns and again, the jumping up and down with our banners and flying fish...It was the most disrupting event I've witnessed so far...! The poor IBM staff were quite confused and asked us to go protest outside. We, in return, demanded to speak to IBM management to put forward our requests. They ended up canceling their meeting."

Already, a new contract for IBM Italy workers has been signed, and you can keep updated on the progress here...For WGA strike updates, Chad Gervich has excellent coverage over at his Script Notes column for Writer's Digest. So do we have any striking _flossers in our midst? Or if you've otherwise clocked in for picket line work, please do share.