The people behind the sunny pair of Hostel movies (the sequel being the movie I wish I'd never seen) claim inspiration from an urban legend that in some awful corners of the world, there exist services that allow someone--after a bidding war--to walk into a room and shoot a willing participant, whose family is then compensated. May that legend ever stay urban. But in the case of designer kidnappings, the customer is also the victim, or, really, "victim." NYC-based artist Brock Enright is usually credited as the mastermind of these pseudo-abductions, and though his services are not illegal, he has naturally attracted criticism from law enforcement and social services officials. As part of the contract, the victims agree to a window of time during which the kidnappers will strike, and as certain members of the team are filming the encounter, the public largely goes along. Why some people of enviable disposable income aren't content to participate in a Kinetic Sculpture Race or become a Punkin Chunkin champion is beyond me.