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Friday Happy Hour: November Buffet, II

Jason English

People seemed to enjoy last week's buffet of assorted questions. Let's set that up again.

1) I realize this first topic is dangerously close to David Israel's always enjoyable Weekend Word Wrap. But I think lovers of language will still find time to contribute to both. (And haters of language should eat this up.)

Someone recently asked me if mental_floss had a vlog. Actually, he said, "Are you guys vlogging yet?" I shook my head while plotting an exit strategy. "No?" he scoffed in condescension. "You have to be vlogging if you want to be relevant."

Like many, many others, I'm not a fan of the word "vlog." Rather than debate its merits or suggest alternatives, answer me this: what single word do you most hate?

2) If we started mental_floss university* and asked you to teach a class based on your knowledge and experience, what would you call it?

3) Were you homeschooled? Do you know anyone who was? Did those students thrive in this environment? Were they hampered by it? (We're looking for specific experiences. Anyone who says, "You're a bad parent if you don't homeschool your kids" or "All homeschooled kids are social outcasts" will be asked to sit in the corner.)

4) Name a book you haven't read but want to.

5) Name a place you didn't want to go but loved.

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*We are not starting mental_floss university. We're not even vlogging.