Weekend Genius Challenge #6 winners


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our latest weekend batch of Skewed Clues. While no one got all twelve answers correct, a handful did manage to get eleven of them, and the first to do that was Kay! So congratulations, Kay, we'll be in touch via email.

If you haven't tried the game, click the link above to give it a go. To see the answers...

1. Where criminals head?
Congo [con go]

2. Where to "spare a dime"?
Kenya ["can ya" spare a dime?]

3. Where ringing's a breeze?
Belize [bell ease]

4. Where mechanical men desire?
Botswana [bots wanna]

5. Where there's hard water?
Iceland [ice land]

6. Where Seagulls live?
Iran [A Flock of Seagulls' hit song, "I Ran"]

7. Where you'd find Duke-NJ?
Bolivia [Bo (Duke) + Olivia (Newton-John)]

8. Where you can do this "on"?
Taiwan ["tie one" on]

9. Where you can keep talking?
Gabon [gab on]

10. Where they split your two legs?
Tunisia [two knees-ia]

11. Where a Teletubby would live?
Poland [Po land]

12. Where"¦ Okay, "shells"?
Seychelles [say "shells"]

Thanks again for playing, all!