Let's do a little midweek housekeeping.

"¢ CNN.com has been picking up select pieces from mental_floss magazine. Here are a few articles perfect for your evening commute: "Places to see before they die," "Coffee and the Civil War," "Weird vehicles that never got off the ground" and "Six great guerrilla marketing campaigns." Unless you drive to work.

"¢ Do we have any avid Flickr users in the audience? Any avid Flickr users who are willing to let us use some of your photos (with credit and a link back to your gallery, of course)? Leave us a comment and we'll get in touch.

"¢ I get four kinds of email: letters from friends, spam from enemies, requests to compare movie tastes on Facebook, and questions from strangers about their Sprint bills. The Sprint queries aren't as random as they seem. Back in February, after receiving a bill $630 higher than I'd deserved, I posted a lengthy running diary of my battles with customer support. The matter was eventually resolved, but similarly screwed people keep finding me (I'm the number one result when you Google "sprint fiasco.")

I mention this because, ten months later, I'm back in the market for a phone. I love the idea of my BlackBerry. But as a phone, it's miserable. If you called me ten times, it would ring five. Next week, I'd be informed of your voicemail.

I'm stuck with Sprint, but want to know if anyone has had similar issues with their BlackBerry. Maybe I'm just unlucky with cellular technology. Maybe it's just the 8703. Another option is the Treo. Any Treo fans?

"¢ During his research for our Nintendo quiz, Brett Savage stumbled across possibly the most incredible site in web history. I'm rather certain he and I were the last ones to find it. But just in case, you can play online versions of your favorite games at everyvideogame.com.

"¢ And don't forget to participate in our latest Caption Contest!