Ever received a gift and wondered what it meant? Here are some of those gifts deciphered for your convenience.

Freudian Slippers may keep your feet toasty warm, but they also say, "Maybe you need psychiatric help." Other potential uses: "It's time to get off the couch." Or simply just "Love, Mom."

The Laundry Rug is so convenient, especially since your clothes are already on their way to the floor. Clearly, someone's trying to tell you, "I'm tired of picking up after you."

The Cat Vomit Warning Sign can only mean one thing: "I have problems with your cat." This generally stems from stepping on a hairball in the middle of the night.

What child wouldn't be excited to find the GR8 TaT2 Maker under the tree on Christmas morning? The message is clear, "We have high hopes for your future, kid."
Nothing says "Get out of bed!" like this Hand Grenade Alarm Clock. Warning: Not the best travel alarm for frequent flyers.

Location Earth Dog Tags ensure that the recipient will be able to find his way home after aliens abduct him. It could mean, "You are out of this world!" or it could mean someone has you on a very long leash.


Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure is a playset for the real world. Santa Claus brought this because, "Maybe it's time you left the house."


No hidden messages with the gift of Nothing. "This shows how much you mean to me."
A Body Bag garment bag could be a thoughtful gift to protect your clothing, or it could mean, "You're Next."

Of course, every one of these gifts could also be saying, "I have a sense of humor and I really hope you have one, too!"