Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation: Cranberry Sauce

Stacy Conradt
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1) At the end of the Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever" from the Magical Mystery Tour album, John Lennon mutters "cranberry sauce." There was no intended meaning to this; it was just supposed to add to the surreal feeling of the song.

2) A can of whole-berry cranberry sauce contains about 99 cranberries.

3) Irish band The Cranberries were originally named "The Cranberry Saw Us," (cranberry sauce).

4) Cranberries are harvested by flooding the cranberry beds. A machine goes through and removes the berries from the vines. The harvested berries then float on top of the water and can be rounded up easier.

5) You can always buy cranberry sauce "“ a lot of people like to plop it out of the can directly to a plate because it holds the shape of the can perfectly, ridges and all. But if you'd like a more"¦ wholesome alternative, here's a recipe for you.

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