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When your heart's not broken, just inverse


One of the more common kinds of situs inversus--the condition in which one's internal organs appear on the opposite side of the body--is dextrocardia, when the heart sets up headquarters on, yes, the right side. Dextrocardia is the result of an incomplete migration of the heart during cardiac septation at the eight-somite stage. Dextrocardia independent of other situs inversus is associated with higher chance of congenital heart disease, so if you're one of the reported cases who finds out his heart isn't in the right place at the doctor's office, hopefully the majority of your other internal organs are following suit.

My body's internal feng shui is pretty conventional, but while we're on the subject of inversions, I've been reading a lot of manga, and have to say I'm always a little sad when I go back to reading left-right. Next on my list is to perfect manipulating my television until it's the Left-Right Reversing Television, where you can expect that "Geography looks VERY STRANGE. Weather reports showing reversed geography with alien land-formations, etc."