Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation: Yams & Sweet Potatoes

Stacy Conradt

Before Halloween, Stacy Conradt filled us up with trivia treats about our favorite sweets. She's back again for another food series leading up to Thanksgiving.

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2) About 40 percent of sweet potatoes in the U.S. come from North Carolina.

3) Despite this fact, Vardaman, Mississippi, claims to be the Sweet Potato Capital of the World. The National Sweet Potato Festival is held there the first week of November every year.

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5) Although there's no scientific study, many people in Africa think that so many twins are born there because of the high rate of yam consumption (NOT sweet potato).

6) During the Civil War, the sweet potato was used as a coffee substitute when coffee beans were scarce. The veggie was cut into small pieces, dried, ground and brewed.

7) George Washington grew sweet potatoes at Mount Vernon.

Tomorrow: Pumpkin Pie. Yesterday: Cranberry Sauce.