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Weekend Genius Challenge #8: Two Words


CONTEST NOW CLOSED. Click here to see the 20 finalists. Thanks to all of our players!

We hope you all had an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the holiday, we're taking it a bit easy with this Weekend Genius Challenge. In fact, you can win it by replying with only two words. And, in the process, you'll change the world! How? Read on.

You probably know that "Google" has developed into a verb for looking up information on the Internet. You can search for almost anything, and find tons of information (and misinformation) on the billions of pages linked. So here's our challenge: Find a two-word sequence in quotes that results in zero "hits" on Google. The twist: instead of looking for the most extreme examples, we're looking for the most mundane ones. While you can use "tintinnabulation" in your entry, you'll be much more likely to win by using "ringing" instead, provided you can find a word to match it with.

Feel free to explain why or in what context your two-word phrase should have shown up somewhere on Google... you might sway us! You can enter twice, as long as each entry is in a separate post. And make sure you read the rules in the box below to know exactly how to play. The winner will receive one mental_floss T-shirt in the style/size of his or her choice! We'll vote on the entries and declare a winner early next week.

(How will this "change the world," you ask? Simple: Google spiders our blog entries, so after we declare a winner, a few days later, that post will pop up in Google's results when you search for the winning two-word phrase. Thus, that phrase will no longer be a Google zero, and anyone from now on who searches for that phrase will see your winning entry!)

SIX IMPORTANT RULES: Your entry must be Googled in quotes as a phrase. For fun, we tried "meson rodeo" and came up with two results. No potty mouths. Tsk, tsk.  Two entries per player, but each entry must be in its own comment. At the end of your post, write which T-shirt you want from the store (click the link to browse the styles). Comments are moderated, so they won't appear on the site until we release them, but we'll keep them in order and make them live regularly throughout the weekend. We'll reveal the winner early next week in a post. If you hope to win, please use your correct email address when commenting, so that we can contact you.Â

Two more words for you: Good luck!