It was only a matter of time before toy manufacturers started listening to their customers' demands: kids want to laugh, they want to be grossed out and they want to play with slimy, ooky stuff. Forget Gak, Play-Doh and Garbage Pail Kids -- what kids really want is poop! At least, that's the conclusion some manufacturers at home and abroad have reached. Here are some of their crappiest products.

Porky Pooper

This was found at a candy store in Ohio by boingboing reader Leah. Yes, those are jellybean turds, apparently meant to be eaten. Don't play with your food, now!

Pee & Poo
You really can't get more straightforward than this: these plush toys from Sweden aren't even meant to be educational or inspire potty-training; they're just pee- and poo-shaped. Aww, cuddly!

Stink Blasters
These unique action figures not only look gross, they smell gross, too. The Stink Blasters even have their own transportation: the Stink Utility Vehicle (sold separately!) Besides poop, the Blasters also emit such aromas as rotten cheese, skunk spray, body odor and rotten fish.

Pooping pig keychain
Okay, we admit this isn't exactly for kids (keychains don't make great toys), but they're not really for adults either. (I mean, c'mon.) Blogger Veloute got this pig on a keychain at a fair, and only upon further inspection realized that, if you squeeze it, it poops. More remarkable still, the "poop" is sticky! (What purpose could this possibly serve?)

Pooper scooper Barbie
With the introduction of Barbie's new canine pal, Tanner, manufacturer Mattel has distilled dog ownership down to its two most basic responsibilities: feeding said dog, and cleaning up after it later. Barbie comes equipped with a powder-blue pooper scooper and a set of dog biscuits which emerge from her dog's rear-end. Fun for the whole family!