Weekend Genius Challenge update


Thanks to everyone who played this past weekend's WGC, which ran over into Monday due to the holiday.

We've whittled 500+ entries down to only 20 finalists. (Remember, we were looking for phrases that you'd think would bring up some hits somewhere on Google.) The staff will be voting on your entries today, and we'll announce the winner Wednesday morning. Feel free to vote on your favorite of these entries if you'd like to try to sway us. The contest is now closed, but if you'd like to see some of the great entries we received, click here.

The finalists (in alphabetical order):

1.  "argyle recliner"
2.  "aromatic toddler"
3.  "cool beachballs"
4.  "craftily unethical"
5.  "cranky pimp"
6.  "Dogbert collar"
7.  "genealogical marvel"
8.  "Grandma's famished"
9.  "gunky tabletops"
10.  "infectious skunk"
11.  "kitten critic"
12.  "lack granola"
13.  "ninety Jellos"
14.  "punctual hostess"
15.  "Santa's toothache"
16.  "soup buffer"
17.  "Starbucks lunatics"
18.  "superb lumberjacks"
19.  "unflattering toenails"
20.  "viewing eyesores"