As Jason mentioned yesterday in his new feature, The Projectionist, tonight is the YouTube/CNN Republican debate.

Sure, debates are useful in helping us select candidates, but let's face it, the big players commandeer the mics while the Tancredos, Gravels and Richardsons are lucky if they get to mouth "hi mom" to the camera.

richardson.jpgFortunately, Minnesota Public Radio came up with this cool quiz that matches your thinking on today's hot topics with the candidates who're most likely to get your drift. I took it earlier this week and was shocked to learn that the candidate I was planning to vote for in the primary wasn't the one I should be voting for. Even more interesting was discovering a candidate with whom I had nothing whatsoever in common. I'm not talking "She's a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock'n'roll" here folks. I'm talking ZERO, zilch, nada, niente, rein, neechyvou, klum, nichts, nil, nula! And that's sorta scary, isn't it?

tancredo.jpgSo watch the debates, "˜cause they only happen once every four years, but I'm not sure they'll help you as much as this sort of quiz. Who agrees? Disagrees? Or has two cents worth on how best to pick a candidate?