Third Caption Contest Finalists!

David K. Israel

[There's still time to get the vote out! Contest closes Friday.]

Thanks to all those who came up with captions for our third Caption Contest. We had a record number of entries this time.

Many fantastic captions had to be ruled out ultimately because the wrong turtle was talking, or the brilliant dialogue didn't really fit with the second turtle's expression. Because we're getting so many entries now, we can afford to be a little pickier. And, as stated in the rules, those who drop a little trivia along the way always get special consideration.

Now the fun really begins: it's up to YOU to pick the winner. As with last time, each finalist is labeled with a letter. All you have to do is decide which is the best (whatever your definition of "best" is), and drop your ballot in the comments below. As always, one vote per person.

And the 10 finalists are"¦

a) Ed entered: "Agoraphobia is something we can overcome together!" b) Lee entered: "With the rising cost of gasoline, I decided to stop using Shell. Now I use BP - Bare Pleurodira."c) Xixita entered: "I have two words for you: Pre Nup!"d) Jason entered: "Well, ever since I saw that therapist about my chelonaphobia, I think I've really been able to come out of my shell with you guys."e) BuggyQ entered: "I'm tellin' ya, Bill, you wanna compete with the monkeys, you gotta be willing to think outside the shell."f) Suzzane entered: "The last five pounds are always the hardest to lose."g) Dan entered: "Well, I thought the interest only mortgage was a good idea at first"¦"h) Ken entered: "Didn't you get the memo? Fridays are business casual now."i) Suzanne (not F Suzanne) entered: ""¦yeah, so just flip over and I'll look and see if yours was made in China too."j) Monica entered: "Think about it Marge! They say he's only taking 2 of each and the Johnsons are already aboard! It's our only hope!"