Book Giveaway: Anything for a Vote


We have a copy of Joseph Cummins' new book to give away. Anything for a Vote: Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots, and October Surprises in U.S. Presidential Campaigns. Sounds fun. Here are a few excerpts:

1836: Congressman Davy Crockett accuses candidate Martin Van Buren of secretly wearing women's clothing: "He is laced up in corsets!"

1912: Theodore Roosevelt is shot in the chest while preparing to give a campaign speech, then proceeds to deliver it anyway: "I don t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a bull moose!"

1960: President Harry Truman advises voters that "if you vote for Richard Nixon, you might go to hell!"

When my friend Derek Lo was in high school, he ran a successful campaign for class president under the killer slogan "Aim High. Vote Lo." It's a shame he gave up politics for a career as an advertising executive "“ a field where having a personal slogan is considered very strange.

I'm mentioning DLo because a good slogan is your ticket to winning this book (plus we'll throw in a free mental_floss t-shirt.) If you were running for office, what would you put on your bumper stickers? The person whose slogan gets our vote wins the book.

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