Phone Call to the 14th Century

Chris Higgins

I'm a little behind the curve on this one (by about a year), but I'm sure you'll let that slide. I just discovered the hilarious Phone Call to the 14th Century, a faux game show by the Kasper Hauser comedy group (iTunes link: Kasper Hauser podcast). The rules of "Phone Call to the 14th Century" are simple:

You all know the rules of the game: you get one phone call to impart as much knowledge as you can to the people of the 14th Century. The one who imparts the most walks away with the BIG one. Ready... phone call.... BEGIN!

To listen: Visit the show page and click the big pink "play" button under "Hear Episode One."

While the piece speaks for itself, it actually raises a fun thought experiment: what would you tell the people of the 14th Century?