Weekend Word Wrap: Shakespeare likes cryptic clues, too

David K. Israel

I know I promised Tom Toce's big mental_floss cryptic puzzle today, but after my puzzle primer post, I thought you all could use just a wee-bit more practice. Today's theme isn't Einstein, rather Shakespeare, William Shakespeare (hint: William Shakespeare's work, his name, anything, really, that can be tied directly back to William Shakespeare). Tom and I have put together 15 new clues - the harder ones are his, the real easy ones are mine. (read: blame him if this makes you feel dumb!)
First one to get "˜em all gets serious bragging rights. For those just joining us, you can check out my primer here, or any one of these great sites on how to solve cryptic clues.

1. Crushed oreo and milk top any romantic lover (5) 2. Bashful, secure, and a real Jew (7) 3. At the Center, Wilson netted 14 lines (6) 4. Japanese version of Reversi is also Desdemona's vehicle (7) 5. Ernie's pal broadcast on the fourth and fifth for Elizabeth (6) 6. "Carpet beaten, Mimi? Really beaten." "Ta-DAH! all five feet." (6, 10) 7. Over an accident, a fair town shaken (6) 8. Waffles, honey--hold the corpulence (5) 9. Limerick lord's liltingly lustful look (4) 10. Seinfeld, for example, is reticent but taking something to help the problem (6) 11. To hear a case about the elderly is a sad thing (7) 12. Firstly, guys, let's overcompensate by ending the whole world (5) 13. Hard, rubbery disk put over ice by Wolfgang (4) 14. Nova rerun sponsored by perfume company (4) 15. Colorless turned artsy in college (4)

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