A plea for help: My problems with radio interference


I have a bit of a problem with my speakers. Whenever they're on, I can faintly hear my campus radio station. Now don't get me wrong, I like WNUR, but I don't like hearing it when I'm working. Or napping. It's mostly the napping thing.

I visited the website for my speakers and found out that the radio interference problem is a common one. There's all kinds of radio signals in the air and any wire can become an antenna if its length is on the same wavelength as a signal. This problem has been compounded recently as everything is going wireless. What's worse, if a signal gets mixed up with the connection between a modem and a computer, data can get mangled and lost.

The problem works with any device that carries rapidly changing electric currents. That's any electromagnetic device or even natural objects, like the Northern Lights or the Sun. The electromagnetic signals can interfere with just about any circuit and may make it less effective.

I've been trying to fix the interference problem using the website's suggestions. Moving the speakers across my desk didn't work, and neither did moving across campus. Ditto for bundling the wires. The last suggestion is buying ferrite beads, which block signals. You've most likely seen them on computer wires - they're the huge bumps at the end. Even though the ferrite beads would likely help the problem, I don't think I'm welcome in the local Radio Shack after I bought a VCR, then returned it after I taped The Office. I'd also like to solve the problem without spending very much money.

So I'm opening it up to you, readers. Have you tackled any problems with radio interference? How much of a nuisance was it? And, how can I fix the problem without setting foot in Radio Shack?