Contest Updates

Jason English

Sorry I didn't get to this on Friday. As for Wednesday's book giveaway, the reader campaign slogan I'm voting for is "Vote Chia. She Grows On You." Congratulations! You win a copy of Anything for a Vote and the mental_floss t-shirt of your choice. I'll be in touch.

Speaking of t-shirts, the "create your own mental_floss t-shirt" contest has been extended into next week. As expected, we've gotten lots of great responses. Once again, the rules:

1) Come up with an idea for a fun and quirky mental_floss t-shirt. Make sure yours is not an idea someone else is already wearing. For inspiration, browse our store to see all our shirts.

2) Email your brilliant and original shirt idea to (Comments on this post are disabled.)

3) The three best, as judged by us next week, win "“ what else? "“ a mental_floss t-shirt.

4) If we choose to create a shirt based on your idea, you'll also win $100. And we'll write a whole mental_floss blog entry about how witty you are. That should sufficiently wow prospective employers when they're Google-stalking you one day.

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