Your Most Annoying Office Interruptions


For the past three weeks, my office has been shaken every ten seconds or so by a deep booming thud, causing my desk to bounce a little and everyone in the office to cringe. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park in which Jeff Goldblum's glass of water ripples because a T. Rex is on the way? It's like that but worse, and it just...keeps...happening. (Thud!)

The thudding is due to Portland's East Side Big Pipe project, which is an enormous sewer project. They're currently laying a giant pipe down the length of the street next to our office, excavating the path one thud at a time. It's for a good cause (reducing sewer overflow into the Willamette River), but wow, the thudding. It makes me nauseous, and it can't be good for my hard drive.

So this leads me to wonder: what's the most annoying interruption you've had to work through? I'm sure you'll be able to top my thuds with your own experience!