Even if you consider yourself immune to the charms of coyotes, the blog Daily Coyote might still win you over. It's run by Shreve Stockton, the writer behind Vespa Vagabond (notes on a cross-country trip on a Vespa) and Eating Gluten Free who now lives in Wyoming and is the recent recipient of an orphaned coyote named Charlie. His parents were shot after they were caught killing sheep, and he ended up on her doorstep. The pictures on the site are not recent--those are reserved for subscribers to the weekly newsletter, available for $5/month--but the ones available have a high cute toxicity (and were naturally scouted by Cute Overload). Stockton makes it clear on her site that she doesn't consider Charlie a pet, but more of a simpatico house mate. The only wild animals I've ever attempted to raise were...well, not wild, exactly, but they were tadpoles & they were exotic enough to me. My mom let us keep them until they were somewhere safely in the toad stage, and even taught us how to massage their bellies so that they'd pass out! I have to try that again sometime. (via GalleyCat)