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I'm growing to love our Birmingham office. Yesterday, we ended the workday with a meeting at the local lanes. This must be a weekly tradition; President Will Pearson and Chief Art Direction Officer Winslow Taft were far too prolific to not be regulars.

We almost weren't allowed to bowl. "It gets really busy on league night," we were told. I took this photo an hour later...

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winslow_bowling.JPG /
winslow_bowling2.JPG /

If mental_floss had a bowling team, Winslow would be captain. Plus he'd design some great bowling shirts. We could sell replicas in our store.

neely_bowling.JPG /

Editor-in-chief Neely Harris will be writing next month's Letter from the Editor about navigating the dreaded 7-10 split.

mangesh_bowling.JPG /

Despite being in obvious pain, Mangesh put up a 155. A Kirk Gibsonian effort.

will_bowling.JPG /

Will is known as "The Closer" for a reason. Not even a charging Winslow could slow him down.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful dinner at the Pearson family estate. All in all, a great day. And I learned an important lesson: one of the internships we need to offer is that of bowling consultant. We'll start accepting applications later this week.