Office Hours

Jason English

I received an unusually high number of emails yesterday, with all sorts of questions from readers.

"Are you sure you're using the word 'prolific' correctly?" (I'm not.) "When will you announce the winners of the design-your-own-shirt contest?" (Soon!) "Why did this week's newsletter contain the same links as the November 14th newsletter?" (Oops.) "I understand your need to put advertising on the site. But how will mental_floss be spending all this new revenue?" (Bowling shirts.)

Perhaps other readers have questions, too. Just in case, we're going to be holding Office Hours today. I've created a new AIM screen name: flossyjason. I'm signed on now and happy to procrastinate. Heading to the airport. Back online again soon...

By the way, here are the 'Terrific Blog Links You Might Have Missed' we meant to include in yesterday's newsletter.

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