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For Those of Us Having a Hard Time Leaving the 90s Behind

Mangesh Hattikudur

While I've given up hope of ever owning another pair of Reebok pumps, or seeing the USSR neatly bound together by one thick line on a map again, I'm glad that Neatorama has at least given me a way to relive my most glorious(-ly awkward) years. These retro-CDRs, shaped to look like floppy disks, hold up to 200 MB of data (a little more than its 1.22 MB predecessor), and definitely make me smile. Of course, while these geeky throwbacks are bound to satiate me for a bit, please know that I won't be happy until I find a flash drive that looks like a VHS tape. Link via Neatorama.

BY THE WAY: If you haven't checked out the Show off your Smarts Contest we're running with Neatorama, be sure to do that here. It'll be running all week long, and we're giving away free stuff daily.