The daily grind of office work can wear a person down. The monotony, the close encounters with people you'd never befriend outside of work, the office politics, and that horrid cubicle all conspire to make you insane. But you must believe it beats physical labor, or you wouldn't be there. So here are ten ways to reduce the pressure before you do something you may really regret.

10. Low Morale is a series of animations dealing with the "soul-sapping, will-to-live draining, life-force mugging, morale-crushing experiences of work." If your work life isn't at least a little better than that of the protagonist, then you need this list a lot worse than you know.

9. Break up the monotony of everyday office work by playing pranks on the one person who is away for a while.

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8. You can be bored at work because you have to wait for other people, or you finish your tasks ahead of schedule, or your job is just plain boring. Why not use that extra time to creat something new and beautiful? Artwork from the Workplace features things that people have made while bored at work. Just a little inspiration can take you places!

7. Speaking of taking you places, a little daydreaming never hurt anyone. Pretend you're going on a trip. You may feel less guilty if it were a business trip. What would you pack? If you were James Bond, you would need extensive gadgets and weaponry. Play the game Attache and find out if you are superspy material.

6. If you consider your boss the scum of the earth, you are far from alone. Get inside his/her mind with this Interview with an Honest Boss. The honest boss is such an elusive species that he had to be illustrated instead of videotaped.

5. Online games can help you vent at work. If your frustration level is low, try chucking a soccer ball into the office wastebasket with Binball. To combat a higher level of frustration, shoot rubber bands at your colleagues and supervisor with Rubber Band It. If that's not real enough, order The Boss Toss plastic shooter. It comes with miniature executives which can double as voodoo dolls.

4. Submit your work complaints and stories of injustice, stupidity, and ineptitude to be published on a website. You don't have to use your real name. A couple of these are Job, Schmob! and Disgruntled Workforce. If you don't want to contribute a story, reading the woes of other workers may make you feel better about your own situation.

3. Is someone at the office driving you up a wall? You can send them an anonymous message about their bad habits via Annoying Co-worker. You might find the perfect message already there, or you can submit one.

2. Try one of these quizzes to let off steam. Is your co-worker crazy? helps to validate your suspicions, and What kind of office moron are you? may bring you back down to reality. It may turn out that you are the annoying coworker!

1. If all else fails, and you are ready to smash a desk, do it online! Smash a desk! There, don't you feel better?