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Friday Happy Hour

Jason English

Before I get to this week's random questions, Office Hours are back on. My screen name is flossyjason.

1. I watch The McLaughlin Group religiously. My favorite part is the 'Predictions' segment, especially when John picks a random issue on which to wager ("The U.S. will open a full-scale operational air and naval base in Australia!") Dan Berger used to keep track of all these predictions, but it looks like he has given up. Bummer. So, what show do you watch that none of your friends do?

2. On Wednesday, Chris Higgins introduced us to The Blog Readability Test. Lots of readers commented about the score of their own sites. I'm swinging open the door to invite your most shameless self-promotion. Do you have a web presence? What's your site/blog/company all about? Add your URL in the field marked 'Website' (after Name and Email).

3. What's the oddest job title you've ever heard?

4. I really enjoyed my trip to Birmingham, and I have lots of friends who think I should move there. One selling point: the bars are open until 4am. Now, I didn't make it remotely close to 4am. But still, that sounds appealing. If you had to boil the place you live down to one fact to convince a friend to move there, what would that fact be?