Ridiculous Board Games: Live from Birmingham (winner!)


Update #3: We have a winner!


If you're OK with coarse language and yelling, here's that classic Glengarry Glen Ross scene on YouTube.

I do have a few more t-shirts to give away. Office Hours are almost over, so let's give free shirts to the first three people to ask politely via IM. Again, my screen name is flossyjason. Talk soon.

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Update #1:

Nobody has even guessed the movie the secret quote is from. Here's your first hint: the movie was released after 1990. By the way, every time we give a hint, everybody gets all four of their guesses back.

Update #2:

One person in the 400s got the right movie. The right actor. The right scene, even. But not the quote.

I like spending time in new cities. So much to explore, from new radio stations (though we've listened almost exclusively to the Dodge Avenger's Sirius Satellite) to unfamiliar local banks (though it seems like Wachovia owns everything down here).

Well, at least the whiteboard in the mental_floss Birmingham office is new and exciting. So let's play another round of our favorite ridiculous t-shirt giveaway. Today's topic: movie quotes.

Once again, the rules:
1) This is a complete game of chance, the equivalent of saying "We chose a number between 1 and 1,000,000. Guess." But simply drawing a number would get repetitive. So today I've written a movie quote on the board. Your job is to decide which one.

2) You may guess four times, but all four guesses must be in separate comments.

3) Along with one of your guesses, tell us which t-shirt you'd like if you win (browse our store).

4) Comments don't appear on the site until we moderate them. But we'll be able to tell who was the first successful guesser.

If nobody's guessed correctly by tonight, I'll give a few hints. (And if you're still lost, here's a previous installment.) Best of luck!