1. The fruit that tastes like pudding
Also known as the chocolate pudding fruit, the black sapote, grown in Mexico and Central America, tastes bitter if you try to break into its tough skin too early. But if you're willing to wait, you'll get a fruit so creamy and chocolatey delicious, even Bill Cosby wouldn't be able to resist. You'll know the pudding is ready when the sapote's hard green casing has turned black and mushy. Then, just crack open the fruit to reveal a gooey dessert that's been likened to nutty, dark chocolate with exotic fruit undertones.

mangosteen-fruit.jpg2. The fruit Queen Victoria wanted desperately
The mangosteen's got it all. Not only is it loaded with antioxidants, it's so delicious that Queen Victoria once offered a cash reward to anyone who could get her one. A reddish-purple fruit native to Malaysia, the mangosteen tastes something like a strawberry-orange smoothie. Unfortunately, it's illegal to import to the United States—not because of the fruit's addictive flavor, but because mangosteens tend to harbor fruit flies. If ever introduced here, experts fear the little buggers could devastate America's fruit farms.

monstera.jpg3. The fruit that's related to Godzilla
Monstera Deliciosa: Also called Mexican breadfruit or the Swiss cheese plant, monster fruit has been described as looking like anything from scaly corn on the cob to a bumpy cucumber.

And while its pineapple-custard flavor is said to be out of this world, if eaten too young, the monster fruit's high level of oxalic acid can cause painful blistering, itching, and loss of voice.

rambutan.jpg4. The fruit that makes great soap
Rambutan: Although known as the hairy cherry, the rambutan actually looks more like a hairy strawberry (but that's hardly as funny). Originating in Southeast Asia and cultivated on farms from Africa to Hawaii, rambutans are known for their taste (we hear rambutan jam is especially good) as well as for their use in those über-fragrant, decorative soaps found in fine bathrooms everywhere.

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