Weekend Genius Challenge #10: Let There Be Drums (1980)


For the Weekend Genius Challenge, we've done anagrams and clues and various wordplay. This weekend, we go musical!

In the following music file are the percussion-only introductions to 15 hit songs from the year 1980. Your job is to identify the songs, and if you're the first to get them all (or the first to get more than anyone else) you'll win a T-shirt of your choice from the mental floss store. Easy, huh? We'll see. We predict you'll recognize a couple right away, have no idea on a few of them, and go crazy trying to place the others. Anyway, here's the music file in mp3 format:

No, there's nothing obscure here... most of these were Top-10 songs, and they all were in the year-end Top 100 on the Billboard pop chart. Answer by commenting below, with all your answers in a single comment. You only get one crack at it, so make your guesses count! The correct songs will be revealed on Monday morning. Good luck!