Monday Fun - Wii Fit Parody

Chris Higgins

So I saw a video a few weeks ago that got me excited about the Nintendo Wii. It was a Wii Fit video advertising this little white add-on pad and a set of "fitness games" that involve stepping on the pad and doing stuff. I figured: finally, a way to exercise while playing video games! Tragically, the Wii Fit add-on (the white thing you step on) isn't shipping yet, so I may have to wait until next year to get my step on. Then I saw a parody video that made me think twice about whether I needed to buy a Wii and a Wii Fit in order to do basic exercises. Hmm.

First, the parody...exciting games include "Step Up On the White Thing," "Roll the Ball in the Hole," and "Standing in One Place":

...And the original ad that made me want to buy it:

(Via Ze Frank.)