December 11, 2007


Scientists Say Humans are Evolving More Rapidly Than Ever. More people means more mutations, but not always for the betterment of the species.

Child Labor in America 1908-1912: photographs of Lewis W. Hine. After this, walking six miles to school uphill both ways doesn't seem so bad.

10 Ridiculously Unique Dining Experiences You Should Try Before You Die. Restaurants compete for your business by trying out the weirdest themes you can imagine, like the experience of dining in an operating room.

Your daily dose of cuteness: The Strange Sleepy Cat. I've seen human kids do the exact same thing, and it's just as cute.

2007 Holiday Ordering Deadlines for 120 Popular Stores. Customer service phone numbers are included in this handy chart.

The long-eared jerboa has been caught on film in the Gobi desert for what scientists believe is the first time ever. It looks like an adorable mouse with rabbit ears!

Photographs of Amazing Tricycles. Have you ever seen one driven by an elephant?