Children and money


Ok, so I'm going to consider this a corollary to yesterday's consciousness post. The relationship kids have to money has always fascinated me. Change seems paramount--it's shiny and can seem very much like loot. It makes chiming sounds and shrines called piggy banks are constructed to house it. I do blatantly wish that I still had the awe and respect for money that I rocked throughout my childhood. And I also wish that I could hit up those initial revenue streams that were only available to me then. I had a young, bronco's heart, and it could be bought without shame! Here are some of the ways I earned money:

  • Picking up nails and screws at work sites (abandoned ones, or at least on weekends) or recently finished houses; it peeved my father to walk past or otherwise spy any of this detritus, and he payed me a nickel for each I could find. If I were feeling broke or bored, I'd head off to find some nails. My first experience with anything like residuals.
  • Selling "artwork"; this ill-advised venture was an attempt to make me more comfortable with the door-to-door life, surely, since it involved some of my fellow Girl Scouts; we'd get together, frantically draw Snoopy in different contexts, then try to sell them to our parents, friends, and neighbors.
  • Convincing other people's moms to hire us for some kind of contract cleaning gig

But that's just me...Were any of you scavenging for nails or otherwise incorporated?