December 12, 2007

Miss Cellania

The Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of 2007, according to TIME. Planets and dinosaurs are there, but the biggest breakthroughs are inside of us.

Led Zeppelin performed their Reunion Concert Monday night in London to rave reviews. In answer to the question that was asked last week, yes, they performed Stairway to Heaven.

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year for 2007 is w00t. This recognition signifies the very end of any coolness for the term, and ensures that it will never again be used in internet forums.

Alexis Lemaire broke his own record for mental computing at the Science Museum in London by finding the 13th root of a 200-digit random number in 70.2 seconds. I don't even know what a 13th root is, and I'm impressed.

We hear different music depending on how we dance to it. You can try it yourself with the sound samples that accompany this report on the experiment.

Watch the folks at Walt Disney World construct a giant gingerbread house! Three days of work are compressed into 30 seconds for this video.

How did the tree everyone loves to hate ever get the name Tree of Heaven?