The various costs of losing bets


Earlier this week, I encountered a man who boasted of having run naked (and through sprinklers) across the 18th green. It was the agreed-upon tax of a lost best. I have no interesting bet stories to divulge, probably because I've already willingly engaged in the kinds of activities (the predictable ones, at least--the legal but insane ones) that are smoldering at the ends of well-placed bets; my little brother bet his friend $20 to eat a AA battery once, but they were intercepted before it ever went too far; however, elsewhere across the wagering universe:

  • An NYC school principal lost a bet with a pack of seventh graders and kept his promise to show up to school in drag, causing the Post to cast shade.
  • After losing a bet with his physiotherapist, Austrian skier Rainer Schoenfelder skied naked down the Lauberhorn.
  • Canadian gambler Brian Zembic got breast implants as part of a $100,000 bet; he even kept them past the terms of the agreement.

Do I dare ask anything you've acquired or committed as payment for a lost bet, or in an answer to an accepted bet?