December 13, 2007

Miss Cellania

Reminder: The Geminid meteor shower promises to be the best meteor shower of the year tonight. Check your local forecast for sky conditions.

Tacky Christmas Yards collects and critiques photographs of homes decorated with Christmas lights. "Violations" include mixing themes, lawn characters of different sizes, unharmonious arrangements, multiple Clauses, and overdone lighting.

Amazing pool tricks. By the end of this video, I wouldn't have been surprised if he levitated the table.

How Super-Precise Atomic Clocks Will Change the World in a Decade. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is up to a lot more than telling us what time it is; each of their clocks is exponentially better than the one before.

You are Self-Employed, even if you work for a company. If you think of your boss as a client who uses your services, you can manage your career better.

Two Forks, One Cup. I watched the video and read the comments, but I still don't know how this trick works.

Just for fun: Cooties. A public service announcement for kids.

Of the many great musicians out there, who plays the best round of golf? The list may surprise you!